"Come fly away with us on our wedding."

This was the basic premise of Mercé and John's wedding theme. They wanted stylised invites as well as additionally printed ephemera to reinforce this idea of escaping for a day or two with them as they celebrated one of the happiest and meaningful days of their life together.

Because they very much liked the idea of mid-century American Airlines (along the lines of PanAm), I went with that idea and created not only a wedding invite that was printed on stock you would find on the traditional airline tickets but also some other correlating items you would find both in a wedding invite package as well as at an airport. For example, their RSVP response card was designed to look and feel like a luggage tag. They also wanted wishes/advice cards to be handed out to guests at the reception which got printed on a lighter stock to look and feel like customer satisfaction forms you would find at an Airline desk.